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Rolex introduced the Submariner in 1954 at the Basel fair. It was initially believed to be based on the Explorer model and the name "Submariner" did not become official until 1960. The early prototypes were put through rigorous testing and managed to sub-zero temperatures and submersions at depths of more than 10,000 ft. The original Submariner had stick hands with luminous tipped second sweep hands and a bi-directional bezel without the minute hash marks originally, the Submariner was fitted with the A296 movement but within a few years, Rolex upgraded the movement to the 1030, added the Mercedes hands and renumbered the model to a 6536/6538.

Also, included were the round luminous hour markers and rectangular luminous markers at 3, 6 and 9 positions. Many Rolex models were renumbered and improved and by the mid 1960's, all movements for the Submariner models were upgraded to the Chronometer version. Rolex additionally added the date feature with the cyclops bubble.

During this time, Rolex issued a special version to the British Royal Navy for military use. Unlike the other models, the Royal Navy watches had welded steel bars instead of the spring bars and the watch hands were wider and bolder with a simplified crown. These watches also had engraved case backs for easy identification and model 5517 was designed exclusively for the Royal Navy.

The Rolex Submariner was also worn by Sean Connery when he played James Bond in the famed 007 series. In the 1970's, Rolex added the triple-lock crown and the 1980's and the scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal. In addition, the operating depth of the watch was also increased to 1,000 feet. In the mid-90s, Rolex once again updated the model to the 16610 with the 3135 caliber movement. For its 50th Anniversary model, Rolex introduced a Submariner which displayed a black dial with a rotating green bezel and stainless steel, oyster flip lock bracelet. Rereleased in 2003, the green bezel represents the official corporate color of Rolex .

Scott Parham is a famous author who writes about Rolex Watches including Rolex Submariner & Presidential watch .


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