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Violent games bill passes California Legislature

Governor Schwarzenegger has 30 days to sign AB1179 or veto it; bill would take effect January 1.
POSTED -- 09/09/05 - 12:33pm

Downgrade doesn't dent THQ stock

Despite JP Morgan lowering its rating, the plucky publisher's share price rises on news it is the year's number-two publisher to date.
POSTED -- 09/09/05 - 4:40pm

Playboy strips down girls of gaming...again

October's gentleman's rag will feature sirens of cyberspace in the buff for second year running.
POSTED -- 09/09/05 - 3:02pm

Rise of the Imperfects moved up

Console versions of EA and Marvel's fighter will step into the ring a week earlier than expected; portable versions still due in October.
POSTED -- 09/09/05 - 2:58pm

Day of Defeat: Source dated

Valve's remake of the classic Half-Life WWII mod will be available September 26 via Steam.
POSTED -- 09/09/05 - 1:39pm

City of Villains gets collector's edition

Drop an extra $30 into NCsoft's coffers and walk away with seven HeroClix figures, an art book, and more.
POSTED -- 09/09/05 - 1:50pm

Sega signs Japanese publishing agreements

Titles from THQ, Chunsoft to hit stores under the banner of the hedgehog starting early next year.
POSTED -- 09/09/05 - 10:33am

PS3, 360 Sonic leads wave of Sega announcements

Publisher reveals next-gen Hedgehog and current-gen Sonic Riders for 2006; Chromehounds dated and detailed.
POSTED -- 09/08/05 - 8:00pm

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