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City of Villains gets collector's edition

Drop an extra $30 into NCsoft's coffers and walk away with seven HeroClix figures, an art book, and more.

If there's one thing supervillains love, it's collecting things, be they national monuments, varied and sundry ray beams, the souls of their fallen foes, Precious Moments figurines… So it seems only fitting that NCsoft is releasing a collector's-edition version of its upcoming City of Villains massively multiplayer online role-playing game, the quasi-sequel to City of Heroes, filled with knickknackery for aspiring tyrants and world devourers.

Ringing up at a weighty $79.99, the collector's edition includes a number of freebies to entice consumers. The extra $30 (the standard edition is $49.99) will net gamers an art book covering both City of Villains as well as City of Heroes, two exclusive in-game items, a City of Heroes trading card pack along with a separate limited-edition card, seven City of Heroes/City of Villains HeroClix figures, and a HeroClix map.

Gamers who preorder either version of City of Villains from select retailers will also receive free access to the game's beta test, a two-day head start on playing the final game before it ships to retail, an exclusive in-game item that varies from retailer to retailer, a limited-edition poster, and a CD-ROM full of videos, wallpapers, art, screenshots, and more.

City of Villains is slated to ship October 30. It has not yet been rated. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's interview with the game's creative director, Jack Emmert.

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