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Pump It Up: Exceed slides into stores

Freestyle-dancing rhythm game with five-button dance pad now available for the Xbox and PS2; soundtrack announced.

Mastiff today announced that its rhythm game, Pump It Up: Exceed, has danced into stores for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. The franchise kicked off in the arcades, where gamers could cut a virtual rug to the tune of several different song genres, not just beat-driven electronic music. The series has been a success in Korea, where it launched in 1999. Like all Pump It Up games, Exceed was developed by the Korean company Andamiro.

Unlike its competitors, Pump It Up uses a five-button dance pad, with four buttons on the corners of a square mat and one button in the center. According to Mastiff, "while other dance games arbitrarily assign positions to a dancer's feet, Pump It Up features choreographed steps for each song and a five-button mat that lets the step designers reward players for not just where they put their feet, but how the feet got there."

The game is rated T for Teen and is available in two versions. A $59.99 edition gets the buyer the game and the game-specific dance mat, and a $39.99 version is available without the mat.

Mastiff also released the game's soundtrack, as follows:

Artist / Song Title
Elvis Presley (Junkie XL Remix) / A Little Less Conversation
Pandera / I Love You Baby
Earth, Wind & Fire / Let's Groove
The Crystal Method / Name of the Game
Sugarhill Gang / Rapper's Delight
Steriogram/ Walkie Talkie Man
Banya / Ignition Starts!
Banya / Hypnosis
Finkl / Forever Love
Steve Yoo / Passion
Clon / Come to Me
Clon / Funky Tonight
Novasonic / Hatred
Novasonic / Another Truth
Banya / Hate
Banya / Koul
Banya / Final Audition
Banya / Extravaganza
H.O.T / Fighting Spirit
Sechs Kies / Com'Back
Sechs Kies / Mobius Strip
Banya / Final Audition 2
Banya / Naissance
Banya / Turkey March
Banya / Nightmare
Banya / She Likes Pizza
Banya / Pumping Up*
Tashannie/ Don't Bother Me
stephan yoo / Love Song
6 Mill Bionic Juno / To The Top
Deux / We Are
Banya / Oh! Rosa!
Banya / First Love
Banya / Solitary
Banya / Mr. Larpus
Baby V.O.X. / A TRAP
Novasonic / Run!
Banya / Rolling Christmas
Banya / Beethoven Virus
Deux / Come Back to Me
Kim Sung Jae / As I Told You
Novasonic / Slam
Banya / Dr. M
Banya / Love is a Danger Zone
Banya / Maria*
Banya / Winter
Banya / Will-O-The-Wisp
To-ya / Go Away
Hanul / Gotta be Kidding!
Diva / Perfect!
Banya / Vook
Banya / Csikos' Post
Papa Gonzales / Bambole
Banya / Bee
Scoop featuring Joyce Lyle / Clap your hands
Queen Latin / Conga
Banya / D Gang
Mozquito / Eres Para Mi
Banya / Hello
Gans / Join The Party
MozquitoMexi Mexi
Banya / Beat of the War
Novasonic / Empire of the Sun
Banya / Come to Me
Crying Nut / Circus Magic
Duke / Starian
Honey Family / The Rap. Act 3
Banya / Chicken Wing
F2 / Radezky CanCan
T.T.MA / Loner
Lee Hyun Do / Pierrot
Banya / Final Audition Ep. 1
Banya / Final Audition 3
Banya / Naissance 2
Banya / Blazing
Banya / Pump Me Amadeus
Banya / X Treme
Banya / Get Up!
One Two / Shake That Bootie
BoA / Valenti
Crash / What Do You Really Want?
Debbie scott / Kiss Me
Kaoma / Essa Maneira
Kristeen / Ba Be Loo Be Ra
Los ninos de sara / La Cubanita
ROD / Shake It Up
Victoria / Power of Dream
Victoria / Watch Out
El Cuba / Fiesta
General Grant / Soca make yuh ram ram
P. Hernadez & B. Thomas / Born to be Alive
* denotes a song that is exclusive to the PlayStation 2 game.

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