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Dangerous Student Test Announced

A new and unique test for dangerous students has been developed for trial by educators, counselors, and other experts. Created by Dr. Heyward Ewart, the 77-item "Dangerous Student Questionnaire" can be uploaded at his public website. "This is a test for experts to administer," Ewart cautions strongly.

He adds that the instrument, still experimental, should be used in conjunction with other evaluation methods by qualified professionals, not used alone. "It is not offensive nor insulting for a student to take the test," he says, "because the items are not confrontational." He suggests that students can be put at ease further by giving the test to the whole student body so that no-one is singled out. He hopes that graduate students in education and the social sciences will use the new device as subject material for a thesis.

All questions are designed to be read aloud by the examiner and answered YES or NO by the student. Positive responses indicate a risk to some degree, Ewart says, because every question can prompt an abnormal YES response. He cautions, "This is a PRELIMINARY effort to develop a valid test, but in its present stage of development, it can give only clues. The number of positive responses justifying further evaluation by a qualified psychologist has yet to be established. However, the examiner may give certain responses added weight, according to the examiner's own best judgment, especially if experienced and if familiar with the examinee's history.

" Questions can be repeated upon request. Ewart suggests first putting the student at ease by explaining that this is a routine test to determine anything special that the school can do to make him/her comfortable. He says state that this questionnaire may not be necessary in his/her case, but that all students are given this opportunity, especially when new to the school, and that it is for their benefit.

Ewart recommends saying to the student, "Here are some questions I'm going to ask. Some may sound strange, but don't let that bother you. Remember that this questionnaire is given to many people, and everybody's background is different. Please answer YES or NO, whichever comes to you first.

Try not to hesitate. Let's begin. This won't take long." Dr. Ewart has devoted more than 24 years of his professional life to the protection and treatment of women, children, and the family. During the President Jimmy Carter Administration, he served the White House Conference on Families, and such leadership continues to this day.

He is not only a veteran clinician in the mental-health field but also a distinguished teacher at the university level. Through Zoe University, Jacksonville, Florida, his video lectures have been used by distance-learning students across the United States and in some 41 foreign countries. A much sought-after public speaker, Dr. Ewart is a commanding presenter who speaks with great passion on the issues of abused women and children. He has hosted and appeared as a guest on many TV and radio programs in major markets, a love that dates back to his original career as a radio and TV news announcer. He is a published poet, and his hobbies also include photography, singing, drama, evangelism, and social activities of all kinds.

Dr. Heyward Ewart has served victims of violence and other abuse for over 20 years. If you are a counselor or educator, get unique information instantly at his website, A book and tests are right there for upload.


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