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ECard Websites Help Build That Romantic Connection

If you want your relationship to flourish, it's important that you communicate and connect. This is especially true from the female perspective. If you're one of "those guys" who has trouble expressing his feelings, don't despair. There are best selling books published each year explaining how guys (most, not all!) are totally different from gals. We're not as expressive.

We're not as romantic. We're not as talkative. Yup, we get it! So, what's a boy to do? Especially if he want to make his girl happy! There are several e-card websites that can really help make it a lot easier. And help make you a romantic star. And best of all, they're way less expensive than sending flowers or candy because most of them are free.

Animated e-cards in particular are the way to go. Today's wider bandwidth allows for more detailed and dramatic animations which make a stronger impression. Here are a few sites that you can use to really turn up the romantic heat in your relationship.

They are easy to search through and offer a great selection of cards. Though they mainly use their site to promote printable cards and the merchandise they sell in their stores nationwide, they do have a large selection of free e-cards to try. Their cards tend to be more on the cutesy side, but many will make an adequate "I love you" or "I'm thinking about you". Bluemountainarts.

com Blue Mountain is one of the original online companies, offering the largest number of cards. You can add a custom message to most of their cards covering a wide variety of topics. Their selection of cards expands constantly. You will find a wide variety of categories to choose from. They offer many cards for free.

If you want to use their better "premium" cards, they charge a yearly subscription rate of $14.00. E-cards That "positive" reaction you're looking for is just about a sure thing when you send your honey (or honey-to-be) one of these unique e-cards from recently launched

Not anything like your traditional e-card site, MushyGushy let's you upload photos, "transplant" your heads, and star together in any one of over seventy clever flash animations. Another unique feature of this site allows users to save the heads they transplant with specific attributes like gender and matching body skin tones. This feature makes their e-cards appealing to users of all genders and racial/ethnic backgrounds. Users simply drag prepared heads into the animatons and the characters automatically switch to assigned gender and skin tone. MushyGushy's e-cards are the most customizable on the market. The use of real heads in the animations is fun and makes a great impression.

They have e-cards available for all occasions, but sending one for no particular reason is the way to go. Make one, send it and wait till you see her reaction. When going to any of these sites, try to pick a card that best represents you and what you really want to say. There truly are thousands to pick from. Please remember fellas, it's the thought that counts.

It will go a long way in making things great between you and her, we promise. So, turn off the game, log on, and start connecting and communicating. The more you practice it, the easier and more natural it will be. And, a better couple you will be.

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