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How To Know If A Woman Is Interested In You

I don't know about you but how many times has a friend told you that a woman is totally into you but you don't even realize it or it had never crossed your mind before? What if you could pick up on those subtle hints that women give unconsciously and take advantage of them? Some of the most common indicators that a women gives when she is attracted is she will: . Play with her hair . Fidgets with a glass or jewelry . Look away when you look into her eyes .

Biting of her lip . Her legs point straight to you . She turns into you with her body language . She leans inwards . Tosses her hair And then each woman has a unique signal of their own to convey they are interested in you and this is one that you need to look for and pay attention too.

Some woman will grab your hair, some will pull the back of your hair. If a woman plays with your hair or pulls your hair, plays with your ears, or touches you in a certain way you can almost guarantee that she wants to be touched in the same way in the same way. The importance of the subtle cues are critical because you could be standing there communicating not seeing these cues and not know when to take the next step with the woman. They say that a woman knows if she is attracted to you if she gets jealous when she see's you with another woman. Now I am not saying go talk to another woman and then look at her to see if she is looking because that is seeking approval and that my friend will get you into trouble. Normally when you come back if the woman starts asking questions of who the woman was and what you were doing it is a sure signal that she is interested in you.

If the woman is with one of her female friends and they are both looking at you and she is smiling is a dead giveaway that she is interested in you. She is letting her friend know that she is interested in you and her friend is giving her approval on what she thinks and majority of women do this. Also she will try find out as much information about you so she when she goes back to her friend she can dump all the information and wait for approval. If a woman conveys that she is interested in the same qualities and hobbies as you and keeps agreeing with you is another signal.

If a woman is interested in you she will make herself sound available so she will convey to you that she is not busy on specific days and some will just convey that they are not busy at all. If you are able to inspire a woman and make her look up to you and her body language will be a dead giveaway she is interested. All of these signals you need to look out for because if you don't you will miss out on your opportunity to take it to the next level. Copyright (c) 2008 Reece Clarkson.

Reece Clarkson is the owner of, which specializes in attracting beautiful women. Here men can learn how to attract women and also understand how a woman's mind works. Click here for more details: How To Pick Up Women


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