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The Law of the Draw

I'm sure that most of us have been to a social function where people are gathered together for fun and conversation. Usually there is someone who seems to draw the attention of others. They seem to be the 'life of the party'. Well that is an example of what I call the 'Law of the Draw' and I would like to illustrate my point in another way by telling you a story. I grew up in an area that was rich in iron ore deposits.

One day when I was about ten years old, someone told me that if I were to tie a magnet to a piece of string and then drag it through the dirt, something interesting would happen. Well, I did just that and when I picked it up it looked as though it was covered with 'fur'. Actually they were tiny particles of iron that had stuck to the magnet. I put a piece of paper underneath the magnet and brushed the small pieces of iron onto the paper. When I held the magnet under the paper, the particles did something interesting- they began to 'dance' around on the paper and I even I noticed some of the bits of iron were aligning themselves along the magnets north and south magnetic lines.

When I asked someone why this was happening, they said 'the iron is being drawn to the power of the magnet'. That's what I call the 'Law of the Draw'. Now we are not pieces of iron, but the principle is the same. We tend to be drawn toward people that we like and in many cases it is because (as in our social function mentioned earlier) they seem to be happy with themselves and we assume they are also happy with their lives in general. Just think about that idea for a moment. How many of us would be attracted to people that are sullen, gloomy or just simply not very interactive with others? I would venture to guess that not many of us would be.

On the other hand, we all want to be involved in something that is fun or entertaining- something that makes us laugh or brings us some enjoyment. That is just what the person that is the center of attention is doing on most occasions. Maybe they tell funny jokes or stories or keep us captivated with their feats of daring or adventure. The point is that we are drawn to those types of people and with the 'Law of the Draw' in relationships it works in much the same fashion. For those people that have built a life of happiness, contentment and fulfillment they will draw others to themselves, including the person that could very well end up being 'the one' they are trying to find. Learn what would bring you happiness, contentment and fulfillment and maybe you could experience the 'Law of the Draw' in your life.

Jim is a writer, speaker and Relationship Coach and received his coaching training from the Relationship Coaching Institute. He works with clients to help determine what they want in a relationship and then shows them how to get what they want.


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