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Lead Guitar Techniques Hammer Ons Pull Offs and Tapping - Some of the greatest guitar compositions have made it to the hall of fame thanks to their lead guitarists.

The Sex Pistols Biography And Top Songs - The Sex Pistols are one of my favourite groups because even though people said that they couldn't play their instruments, I thought they give it a very good go.

How to Pick Your First Guitar - Do you want to pick your first guitar? Picking your first guitar can be a difficult choice.

Light For Granted - Whether we like it or not, light plays a very important role in all of our lives.

The Law of the Draw - The secret of drawing people into our lives, using something common to illustrate the point.

Yugoslavia Lies about the Butcher of Belgrade - Coverage of the death of Slobodan Milosevic is symptomatic of poor reporting during the NATO war on Yugoslavia, as examined in the novel, "The Dream of the Decade.

When Mother Nature Fires Back - The victims of the tragic fires in California who have lost thier homes, keepsakes, personal possesions and in some cases beloved pets are going to grieve for mutiple losses.

ECard Websites Help Build That Romantic Connection - E-card websites are the good way to help men communicate and connect better, leading to stronger and happier relationships.

Selecting Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets For Your Bridal Party - The best thing about giving your bridal party jewelry sets as bridesmaids’ gifts for the wedding is that it not only looks fantastic the day of your wedding, but it can be worn again.

Why Do Women Date Jerks - Finally an answer to the million dollar question.

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